Nathan Hicks
Co-Founder - Lead Developer

Hello fellow gamers! My name is Nathan. I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I'm a metal head and enjoy everything from neo-clasical to folk metal. When I'm not making games or working I enjoy attending rennaisance festivals, exploring/photographing abandoned buildings, and of course playing games. I tend to lean more to the fantasy or distopian future genres. My favorite play styles are open world RPGs, retro side scrollers and roguelikes. My games with the most logged hours are Chivalry and Skyrim.
Since I was young I've been obsessed with creating various types of media. Ive done everything from creating cheezy home movies, photography, painting, and of course, game development. In college I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease which created a huge obstacle in my pursuits and even led to some corrective surgery. My Crohn's later returned but is currently under control. As a way of coping with the condition I developed a sense of "poop humor" which helped spark the creation of our first title, "Gardyloo".
IIn the past couple years Ive been challenging myself with game jams and have had some great learning experiences doing art for other steam titles including "Gem Wars - Attack of the Jiblets" and "Galligan's Island - Reprymian Rising". Another VR project I helped with was even played by the youtuber Vinny from Vinesauce. Complications with that project led to it's cancellation and the creation of Apostate Games. Jason Varnell and I have been very dedicated to growing our company and our complementary skills ever since. 

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